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Our Teaching Philosophy

“The Royal Way”

Philosophy:  an attitude, a way of thinking

We rely on the work of renowned philosophers of education to formulate our own way of thinking about education during the early years.  We know that the first six years of a child’s development lay the foundation for building social skills and competence in communication, reading, mathematics, and reasoning. Competence in each of the areas are essential for scholastic success. If these basic competencies are not achieved during these years, it is very difficult for the child to achieve full competency at a later age.  Thus, Royal Learners conducts its own research in order to develop, what we believe, is the best approach to learning in the preschool years.

Each philosopher of education has conducted extensive studies, made unique observations, and has determined a way in which they believe children learn best. A careful analysis of such information led Royal Learners to understand that no one philosopher is right or wrong.  This is why, instead of strictly following one philosopher, we chose to combine the essence of several theories.  For example…

A Literacy-Based Curriculum!

Royal Learners goes one step further than introducing a philosophy of education to its teachers and children, we also supply them with an age appropriate curriculum based on these philosophies. Children can excel at every level with this curriculum and enjoy achieving these goals. We understand and value the importance of reading to children at an early and the value of good quality books.

Enrichment Activities!

In addition to your child’s daily teachers and curriculum, we offer additional programs provided by specialists in each field to expose our children to an array of exciting new curriculum, some of which include…

Foreign Language Ballet and Hip Hop Class Play Ball Class Soccer Shots Karate Gymnastics