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Parents and Kids Both Love
Our Home Away From Home!

Welcome to Royal Learners, where children are treated like royalty.

Most visitors of Royal Learners are overwhelmed with the same response, “What a beautiful home!”  We’re glad you feel this way.  From the moment you and your children approach Royal Learners, you’ll appreciate how we’ve developed our center both inside and out with all the comforts of a home. We know that environment is critical when it comes to children, which is why Royal Learners is a place where children experience the structure of a healthy learning environment in a comfortable setting we have taken the extra effort to provide.  Parents feel at ease knowing that they are giving their children the opportunity to develop advanced social and cognitive skills in an environment which offers many benefits—from healthy home cooked meals to one-on-one attention in the smallest class sizes. We are proud to offer your family the finest care available and invite you to read on for additional information or call to schedule a time to visit our school

Our High Standards

One of our most important goals is to form a partnership with parents.  When you and your family walk into our “house,” you become part of our family.  Royal Learners becomes your child’s home away from home.  Parents know as much about what is happening at Royal Learners as they do when their children are in their own care. We communicate details about daily activities, eating and sleeping patterns, developmental progress, diaper changes, and toilet training. We encourage and welcome parental involvement and invite you to stop in at any time.

Our Testimonials

Always have something nice to say about us
Ashley Larry

“Absolutely love this place! Me and my husband don’t ever have to worry about our sweet baby boy when he’s at Royal Learners. Finding child care that you can trust nowadays is almost impossible, but we are lucky to have found Royal Learners. They provide dependable child care and piece of mind, which is key! We know that when our baby is there, he is in the hands of a “family” of loving teachers who take the best care of him. I wouldn’t send our boys anywhere else and I highly recommend Royal Learners to anyone in the market for child care. We have had an incredible experience with these people over the past 8 years.”

Jessi Gassmann Chauncey

“I couldn’t imagine sending my babies anywhere else! I have total peace of mind while I am at work. When it comes to the well being of my babies nothing short of Royal Learners will do. Thank you RL!”