Our Teaching Philosophy

“The Royal Way”

Philosophy:  an attitude, a way of thinking

We rely on the work of renowned philosophers of education to formulate our own way of thinking about education during the early years.  We know that the first six years of a child’s development lay the foundation for building social skills and competence in communication, reading, mathematics, and reasoning. Competence in each of the areas are essential for scholastic success. If these basic competencies are not achieved during these years, it is very difficult for the child to achieve full competency at a later age.  Thus, Royal Learners conducts its own research in order to develop, what we believe, is the best approach to learning in the preschool years.

Each philosopher of education has conducted extensive studies, made unique observations, and has determined a way in which they believe children learn best. A careful analysis of such information led Royal Learners to understand that no one philosopher is right or wrong.  This is why, instead of strictly following one philosopher, we chose to combine the essence of several theories.  For example, we have chosen to follow the studies and theories of Maria Montessori, Dewey and Vygotsky (Reggio-Emilia), and Waldorf, while encouraging the teachers to take a creative and hands-on approach to teaching. We believe it is important to let you know how we incorporate these educational theories into your child’s day.

Montessori concepts involve surrounding children with beautiful things, seeing children as individuals, using child-size furniture, and giving children choices.  The Reggio-Emilia approach incorporates more creativity into a child’s day, giving them room for lots of open-ended exploration.  The Waldorf way balances academics with artistic and practical activities, such as music, art, gardening, and foreign languages while taking special care to nurture a child’s imagination and the art of truly being a child.  All of these theories encompass so many beautiful things, which is why Royal Learners feels it’s necessary to incorporate the essence of each of them.

Our teachers are trained to be coaches and guides who treat each child with the respect and integrity they deserve. A child’s day at Royal Learners is filled with a healthy mix of learning and play at every age level. Children retain more new information when they’re having fun, so our programs emphasize learning through play. The curriculum is flexible enough to allow for individual growth, while structured enough to promote cognitive thinking and self-discipline. This flexible approach accommodates varying developmental rates and helps each child express his or her own character.

Small class sizes offer the lowest teacher-to-child ratio available, ensuring every child receives the one-on-one attention needed for proper skill development and nurturing.