Health & Safety

Because nothing is more precious than your child, we at Royal Learners ensure that your mind is at ease by adhering to the strictest security policies.  Our safety features include:

  1. Internet cameras in every room with controlled access.  This is a special feature parents enjoy because they have the opportunity to view their child while they themselves are at work.  We are upgrading to enable mobile viewing in September 2018.
  2. Controlled-access, magnetic doors (must have code to enter).
  3. We strive to keep all staff 100% CPR/First Aid certified.
  4. All staff must have a criminal background check performed before being allowed to  work in a classroom.
  5. Storm room (like a vault at a bank) designed to provide additional safety during inclement weather.  The features of this room include:

12” steel reinforced concrete walls

Steel and reinforced concrete roof

Steel storm doors

No windows (no flying glass)

Reinforced floors